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Getting Started
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Official news and announcements
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By Happy_The_Mechari 14 hours ago
Get oriented fast with this collection of guides and FAQs to help start roleplaying in WildStar. Feel free to add your own!
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By Toadie Direbog Nov 13, 15
Meet the Community (OOC)
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Say hello and let everyone know you're HERE and ready to RP!
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By Ira Tue at 11:04 am
OOC discussion of WildStar, roleplaying, what you're looking for in RP, invitations to collaborate, ideas...
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By ViktoriyaGacheva 24 hours ago
Want to chat about whatever? Here's the place to do it!
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By Kintallo 3 hours ago
Roleplaying Forums
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Forum Roleplay and IC Interaction when not in game.
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By Everchosen Sat at 04:55 pm
The advertisement, planning, and discussion of all events to be found on Entity server
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By Peppercorn a Tue at 12:43 pm
Open forum for anything specific to the NA server, Entity!
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By sam4books 1 hour ago
Server forum for the EU server, Jabbit
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By Linkmaster Sun at 06:49 am
Creative Hub
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A place to post your WildStar-inspired fiction for all to enjoy
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By Ryosah Everbloom o 7 hours ago
Creative Wildstar content you just want to share!
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By Keeran Briarwood o 33 mins ago
Looking for commissions or taking commissions? Post in here!
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By Merwin 5 hours ago
Get feedback on your add-on and other WildStar-related utilities with the community!
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By Olivar 5 hours ago
The Exolab
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Use your Profile "View All Posts" to find threads that should be moved to the new forum. This forum will be hidden in a couple of weeks.
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