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With drop 3, Carbine is adding more housing stuff, including the first creature-like decor items, rewarded for Silver and Gold medal dungeons.

Drop 3 will also add music, an increase to decor items allowed and many other things.

They've also released a few of the things we'll see in Drop 4, such as terrain changes.

You can read all about it in the dev tracker here.

What are you hoping to see with the new additions?
The new chapter in the story of the mysterious Genesis Prime is starting with the upcoming content chapter, Into the Defile:

You can read more about it on the official update page.

It's MegaServer time

Ender a posted Oct 13, 14
The previously announced changes to the server structure in Wildstar is being implemented this Wednesday, 10/15/14, in an extended maintenance. The servers will be merged into 4 new servers, split between 2 regions. 

The names are:

North America: 
  • PVE: Entity
  • PVP: Warhound

  • PVE: Jabbit
  • PVP: Luminai
What this means for Wildstar Roleplay is mainly that the real-forums will be renamed, and serve as regional forums, as we sadly no longer will have dedicated roleplay servers. That doesn't mean the roleplay community can't continue to thrive however, and hopefully, everyone will be happy on the new servers :)

You can find all the information here.
Wildstar need help with the names for the new Megaservers. Head over to the official forums to cast your votes!
In the near future, WildStar will be changing their servers from the several servers we see now, to a much more limited amount of so-called Megaservers.

This sadly means that we'll see the roleplay servers disappear. Carbine does promise region-wide chat channels to make up for it, but only time can tell how it will affect the RP community.

As usual, everyone are encouraged to let their thoughts be known to Carbine in a constructive manner.

You can read what little information has been given on the Mega Servers so far here.
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