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Not only do we all get an extra bonus Beta weekend coming up, this WildStar Wednesday dives headfirst into Warplots for more detail with a DevSpeak!

Stephen Frost takes us through a bit of the specifics on this feature in his usual "Brofessional" way.  Will you be kicking ass at launch, or will your ass just be kicked by your Warplot leader?  Only time will tell...

What excites you the most about Warplots?
Johne Inorite? Pat...you know what this means!? Gotta' catch 'em all!!!!
Patrician a I had to talk about this, because what excites me the most is capturing raid bosses and putting them into our Warplots f ...

Just shown at PAX East earlier today, this flick on Warplots once again shows us that Carbine is seriously interested in keeping players playing once they hit the level cap.
As an avid WildStar fan, I of course knew all about what Warplots were going to have... but I have to say that seeing it all in this format really gets me even more excited.

I have a feeling even people who don't normally PvP are going to want to dive into this content head first.  Time to "level the playing field" ... with lasers.*

*WildStar Roleplay would like to remind everyone that everything is better with lasers.
Weyd I have no desire to PVP, but I'll be rolling an Architect, and would love to actually be involved in building a Warplot, ...
Kael Dashwind I absolutely agree--this feature could actually get me interested in PvP. ...likely because there will be too many peop ...
Imhugiguhmi D: It's always the exiles that debut the cool trailer like this. ;-; First child is always the fav child for the dev tea ...
Mechari Faces

(Please note, the picture used is older concept art and isn't depicting any of the new changes)

The newest patch notes for Wildstar have been released, and while there's a lot of cool new stuff, such as the new UI overhaul, there's especially one point that I think you, my fellow roleplayers, may find especially interesting.

I am of course talking about more hair styles and added... body types! 

This is something we've talked about and asked for a very long time, and it's really awesome to see that Carbine, despite originally saying that it wouldn't happen, again listen to the wishes of their fans and make it so.

We've yet to see exactly what these bodytypes entail, but I know I'm personally excited to get to add a bit more variation to the characters!

You can find the full patch notes here.

So tell me, WSRP, what kind of body are you hoping for?
Asyria Whatever we get, I just hope we don't get to see the horrible disparity of the male/female Body Type 4 in SWTOR. For th ...
Nimiar Really hoping for shorter and taller options. I want to make my scrappy short Engineer girl. ...
Risel I wanna give my characters da booty.
The title is a bit misleading, but I have over the past year running Wildstar Roleplay written a number of articles with advice about what you as a member can do to help us make Wildstar Roleplay a positive place to be.

Some of these articles are getting a bit old though, and have more or less drowned in newer posts, but I feel their message is still as relevant as ever.
Due to mostly positive reactions each article had when it was posted, and an a steadily increasing membercount, I figured it would be a good idea to bring some of them back into light.

So please consider this short list of articles suggested reading that perhaps can help you in your time here on Wildstar Roleplay.
I am also looking for ideas for similar articles, so if you have a suggestion of a topic you'd like me to cover, please feel free to contact me :)

I hope you enjoy!

SteelKnight Awesome articles Ender!
Fenwick Benefactor Really found these useful when you wrote them, but they're always an extremely handy thing to have around. It makes a lo ...
Najia Benefactor Glad to see these all rounded up! Great advice and very helpful. ...
WildStar Pre-Order


It's official! WildStar will officially launch on June 3, 2014!  Only a few more months until you can visit planet Nexus. That is, of course, unless you decide to pre-order!

Pre-orders for WildStar begin on March 19th. To get all the details of the awesome pre-order bonuses you get, including headstart, beta access, and A FREAKING ROCKET HOUSE, check out their pre-order page!


Also as of today, Carbine has been generous enough to announce that the NDA for WildStar is officially lifted! Anyone in the beta is free to talk about their experiences, share screenshots, video, livestream, blog, tweet, vine, haiku, and more!

The team wants us to look forward to more streams, more content, and more excitement as they get closer to the release date, and on March 19th get ready to pre-order WildStar!

And as always, don't forget to check out Carbine's amazing trailer showcasing this pre-order announcement!

Najia Benefactor So now that makes TWO game I need to buy soon! Lawdy!
Fenwick Benefactor I'm so excited! I think I might wet my britches! ...Otoh...
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